Shibori on Silk

Machine Washable, Pre-Shrunk, ColorFast
Each piece one of a kind.

Shibori Silk Ruanna
silk Shibori Dress
Shibori Silk Duster
11 jacket
Shibori Detail
shibori dress
Silk top shibori
11 jacket detail
Green Chiffon Shibori Detail
shibori Silk
ruanna and 2 layer skirt
multi detail
Shibori Chiffon multi
shibori Chiffon
Shibori silk

Each piece is unique and one-of-a-kind,
Sewn and dyed one at a time in North Carolina, USA.
I have been making wearable fiber art for over 25 years.
The technique I use is a non-traditional Shibori.
I have worked under the names of: Three Wishes, Chaos, and Mystic Eye.

I use combinations of discharge, immersion, and direct application of color on fabric using a non-traditonal shibori technique employing custom designed devices, alchemy and random surprise. My unique dye process begins on white fabrics including silk charmeuse, chiffon, crepe d'chine, and silk/rayon velvet. T-Shirts begin with either white or black cotton shirt blanks. The fabric is folded between one and three times. Sopping wet, it is manipulated with dexterous fingers and put through the Crinkleator (artist constructed mechanical device) to set the controlled random fractalated patterns. Bound between special stainless steel grids, the prepared fabric is immersed in a series of fiber reactive dye solutuions. I typically use three separate color immersion stages to build the complex color combinations. After the dye process is complete the fabric undergoes a series of hot water machine washes to clear excess dye. The finished shibori fabric is then sewn into fine washable garments. Beautiful clothing that is both functional and wearable art.

The shibori dye process is like manifesting spirit into form out of the Primordial Chaos. I have some exercise of intent, will and control, but what comes out of the dye pot through the mysterious interactions of the colors, fabric and the forces involved is totally unique and alive. It is alchemy and beautiful magic.